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6. Dumfries Museum

The museum is the largest in the region. It has a good collection of early Christian carved stones, the remains of a log boat from the Lochmaben crannog, and some Dark Age decorative items and artifacts.

In addition to the Dark Age history it also tells the story of the land and people of Dumfries and Galloway. There are fossil footprints left by prehistoric animals, the wildlife of the Solway, tools and weapons of the earliest people, and the everyday things of the Victorian farm, workshop and home.

A Camera Obscura, installed in 1836, sits on the top floor of the old windmill tower with fascinating panoramic views of Dumfries and the surrounding countryside.


How to get here

Dumfries Museum

From Rockcliffe, re-join the A710, travelling east to Dumfries. (This route will take you through the charming village of New Abbey, with its intriguing Sweetheart Abbey). The museum is well sign posted from the A710 as you come into Dumfries, and is on a hill from the west bank of the River Nith at The Observatory, Rotchell Road, Dumfries DG2 7SW. There is parking at the museum, or plenty of on-street parking nearby. Tel: 01387 253374

Places to Visit and Things to Do

Dumfries Museum
Dumfries Museum
Set in an 18th Century windmill, Dumfries Museum and Camera Obscura (installed in 1836) is a veritable treasure trove of local history! Photo: FutureMuseumSW
Caerlaverock Castle
Caerlaverock Castle
Unique, moated, triangular shaped fairy-tale castle a few miles to the South of Dumfries. Lovely walks through the woods and into the National Nature Reserve.
Twelve Apostles Stone Circle
Twelve Apostles Stone Circle
First recorded in 1882, the Twelve Apostles are worth a mention as the largest stone circle to be found anywhere in mainland Scotland. Photo: Walter Baxter
Robert Burns Trail
Robert Burns Trail
Walk the 5.5 mile Robert Burns Trail in Dumfries, with riverside walks, museums and inns.
Sweetheart Abbey
Sweetheart Abbey
Allow the romance of Lady Devorgilla’s devotion wash over you as you take in this impressive red sandstone ruined yet remarkably complete Abbey (built 13th Century).

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