Making the Merlin Trail artifacts

2018-04-09T08:36:15+00:00 March 11th, 2018|Featured, Merlin Trail News|

Have a look at these photos by the supremely talented Scottish fashion designers, CentaurDesign when their Merlin Trail artifacts were still a work in progress!
Then pop into Moffat Museum to see these wonderful artifacts in real life! You won’t be disappointed.
From their Facebook page:

Fashion designer 路 631 Likes 路 10 March at 10:21聽

Nearing the finish of making the Merlin Trail artifacts! Sword & knife scabbards, 2 x golden neck torcs, 2 x golden pennanular brooches, leather shoes. Deerskin cape & bag images to follow* it’s been a long journey of hard work, but a great sense of achievement 馃檪

The Dark Ages Exhibit at Moffat Museum is well worth a visit, and includes the Merlin work above by CentaurDesign.