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14. Moffat Museum

Merlin Exhibition

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The Moffat Museum has an excellent display of key exhibits from different periods in Moffat’s heritage, featuring people who have figured in its history and illustrating the rise of Moffat as an important Spa town.

A special building is dedicated to illustrating Dark Age life during the 5th and 6th centuries, one of the most dramatic and dynamic, yet least known periods of our history, when the elements which created Scotland were just beginning to emerge.

Meet warriors and Druids, Christians and Pagans, farmers, craftsmen and traders in a Welsh speaking land where there were no towns and when today’s bare hills were still heavily forested.

Discover the true story of the real Merlin. Write in Ogham, the secret script of the Druids. Enter a lost world.


An Introduction to Moffat Museum

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Moffat Museum

How to get here

Moffat Museum.

The museum is a white building (Harthope House) on the right opposite the church, just before the A701 joins the High Street from the M74 motorway (Exit 15).

Open Easter to October.
Mon – Sat (closed Weds) 10.45am – 4.15pm
Sundays 1.15pm – 4:15pm

Places to Visit and Things to Do

Moffat Museum
Moffat Museum
Visit Moffat Museum’s website – it has something for everyone!
Moffat History Trail
Moffat History Trail
Learn about our ancient past, for Moffat hills have borne witness to much of Scotland’s early history.
Grey Mare's Tail
Grey Mare’s Tail
It’s easy to see how Grey Mare’s Tail got its name. The waterfall’s thin line of white frothing water plunges 60m into the Moffat Water Valley. Photo: James Hearton.
Quests & Retreats
Guided Walks
Quests are cultural adventures in beautiful landscapes which help us escape our stressful lives.
Annandale Arms Hotel
Why not stay over?
Moffat’s town centre hotel. Welcome to the Annandale Arms and welcome to Moffat. Bang in the middle of town!

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Buy the Book by Robin Crichton


The History behind the Legend

This is the true story behind the legend of Merlin. Born of a royal family to a life of privilege and luxury, his place in society was ordained until he lost everything in a bloodbath of pillage and genocide. Forced to live on the run he survived as an outlaw hiding out in a cave, living off what the forest could provide.

It is the story of the clash between Christianity and traditional belief – a duel between St Mungo the priest and Merlin the pagan, played out against a webs of late 6th century political intrigue and the strife of a land tearing itself apart.

Until now, our Early Dark Age heritage has been largely ignored by historians because of the lack of cross-checkable written data. This book combines history, archaeology, etymology, topography, botany and folk memory in a giant jigsaw. With nearly 150 colour illustrations and maps, the book is accompanied by a gazetteer of 28 Dark Age sites. It presents the evidence, suggests various interpretations and invites the reader to be the historical detective.

For further information: contact Robin Crichton – Email


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