On the Merlin Trail – A Trip Up Hartfell

2018-04-15T22:28:41+00:00 March 20th, 2018|Featured, Hartfell, nr Moffat, Merlin Trail News|

After the fabulous Merlin Trail official launch in Moffat on the 20th March 2018, an intrepid band of Merlin Trailers trekked up Hartfell, to the north of Moffat, on an absolutely beautiful, crisp sunny day!

We took some photos of the journey, see below, and enjoyed listening to informative talks from Jan Hogarth of Wide Open and Quests and Retreats and author Count Nikolai Tolstoy  along the way.

You can clearly see the track worn by the horse and carts that used to bring Victorians to drink the waters from the healing Spa at Hartfell.

If you can help caption the photos and identify our co-trailers please let us know by emailing: malc@merlintrail.com.

Or indeed if you have some photos you would like to add to our gallery please do share them!